Pick Up Instructions

Thanks so much for ordering from Willow + Pip!

We operate our small family run business out of our home.  You can pick up your order directly from us at 2012 Bruce Rd 17, Port Elgin, ON  N0H 2C7.

We are just out of town near the West Links Golf course, right on the Saugeen River.

The outside pick up door access is located at the double-story green house (there are two houses on the property).  Inside the pick up door you will find your order on the bench.  You do not have to knock.  See picture below:

Note:  There are three friendly dogs on the property; Pip (yes the Willow + Pip, Pip!), Jagger and Captain.  They bark.... a-lot.... but are happy to see you.  As we are out of town, they do have free-range of the property.  Please drive slow.

If you would like to arrange a time when we have the dogs in their crates, don't hesitate to contact us at willowandpip@gmail.com and we will schedule a time that suits your schedule.